The 13 Most Romantic Places to Travel as a Couple

by Collette Stohler Mar 27, 2017

What makes a great romantic travel destination? Awesome outdoor adventure options, great food and nightlife, and a kind of cultural uniqueness to create a romantic vibe are all good starting points. Despite your personal taste and the kind of trip you picture as a perfect romantic getaway, here are some options that you should consider for your next adventure as a couple.

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New Zealand

New Zealand - most romantic places to travel

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With its abundance of natural features, Maori heritage, and adventure opportunities around every corner, New Zealand is among the best options for couples seeking for a romantic vacation. You can plan your itinerary around some of the most impressive landscapes on earth, from the glaciers of the South Island to the impressive views of Mt. Cook and the eerie experience of entering into the Waitomo glowworm caves.


Jordan - most romantic places to travel

Jordan is a completely safe oasis isolated from the instability of the rest of the Middle East. Travel through the red sand of the desert of Wadi Rum and share a romantic moment watching the sun set at the Dead Sea. Explore the millenary ruins of Petra and don’t forget to head to Amman for a taste of the best food around.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires - most romantic places to travel

Get to know the city by walking through its multiple barrios filled with music, culture, and people willing to show you why Buenos Aires is the most beautiful city in South America. Experience tango first hand in Plaza Dorrego, find a good spot to enjoy the view of Río de la Plata in the company of your couple and celebrate life with a good glass of Malbec.


Havana - most romantic places to travel

To visit Havana is to travel back in time. The classic architecture of its buildings perfectly matches the vintage cars that traverse its streets and the relaxed vibe of the Cubans. Explore colonial plazas, spend some time in a coffee shop and dance to Caribbean rhythms in one of the city’s many nightclubs.

New Orleans

New Orleans - most romantic places to travel

New Orleans is not all bead tossing and Bourbon Street. There are plenty of opportunities to explore The Big Easy in a more relaxed and romantic way. Take a historical horse-drawn carriage around the French Quarter, cruise down the Mississippi on the Steamboat Natchez, and try some of the city’s famous beignets at Café du Monde.


Portugal - most romantic places to travel

Portugal is a country full of surprises for those who are willing to explore it thoroughly. Of course, the food scene in Lisbon and the wines of the Douro Valley are attractive options, but the true beauty of the country unfolds by getting off the beaten path. Isla de Madeira, Porto, Sintra, and Coimbra are just some of the places that’ll make you want to stay here for just a little longer.


Turkey - most romantic places to travel

Turkey has it all: unique cultural experiences, magnificent landscapes, incredible gastronomy, and friendly locals. Couples can spend their days visiting the historical Hagia Sophia, shopping in the Grand Bazaar, cruising down the Bosphorus, sailing in a traditional gulet boat, and dancing the night away at one of Istanbul’s various rooftop clubs.


Thailand - most romantic places to travel

It doesn’t matter what kind of trip you and your loved one are willing to take, it’s highly probable that Thailand has the perfect option for you. You can head north and explore the Buddhist temples of Chiang Rai, find a lonely island to enjoy the pristine beaches of the Andaman Sea or even have a scuba diving weekend in Koh Tao. And let’s not forget that Thailand offers some of the cheapest luxury accommodations in Southeast Asia in case you’re in for a little treat.


Taormina - most romantic places to travel

The mountainous seaside town of Taormina, Sicily is the perfect Italian getaway. Catch an opera in the ancient Greco Teatro, take the cable car to Isola Bella, enjoy a wine tour around Mt. Etna, and brunch on the cliffs of the Belmond Grand Timeo. Try to visit in September or October when the crowds dissipate and leave the city to be explored at your leisure.


Amsterdam - most romantic places to travel

From a walk across the canals and long bicycle rides through the endless array of tulips to the exploration of its infinite collection of museums, it’s no wonder Amsterdam is one of the most romantic places for a lovers getaway.


Cartagena - most romantic places to travel

Cartagena is the perfect place for couples looking to add some spice to their relationship. The historic walled city is packed with boutique hotels, colorful colonial houses and cobblestone streets where horse-drawn carriages complement the lively Colombian vibe. Make sure to rent a boat and take a trip out to the nearby Rosario Islands for an unforgettable experience.


Iceland - most romantic places to travel

Couples who love adventure should head to Iceland immediately. Soaking in the hot springs of the Blue Lagoon, admiring Europe’s largest glacier and exploring the waterfalls on the Ring Road are just a few of the experiences that will keep your spirit warm in this insular paradise.

The California Coast

California - most romantic places to travel

With over 600 miles of sandy shores and rugged cliffs, the California Coast stands out as one of the world’s top destinations for couples. Rent a convertible and drive from San Diego to San Francisco, make a stop at the beaches of Palos Verdes, do some whale watching in Monterey Bay, and explore the streets of San Francisco. Make sure to take a small detour at the end of your coastal road trip to Napa Valley!

All photos by Scott Stohler.

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