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14 Signs You Are a Millennial Parent

by Savannah Steiger Mar 31, 2017

1. You’ve already introduced your child to your favorite fandom.

Okay, so maybe introduced is the wrong word, but how can you go wrong with a Harry Potter-themed nursery? And Khaleesi is a beautiful name. And of course, they need a Sonic screwdriver…and let’s not forget they need to choose their starter Pokémon early.

2. You’ve got a label (whether you want or not).

Thanks to our social media addiction, us millennial parents have many labels to choose from — “Tiger moms”, “Helicopter moms”, “crunchy moms” and “free-range parent”, just to name a few.

3. Gender neutrality is important to you.

You may have given your baby a gender-specific name but you probably aren’t forcing your boys to only love trucks and your girls to only love pink. The beauty of the millennial generation being so sensitive to gender identity is we are responsive to our children and if our boys want to dress like princesses, many of us let them. And if our girls won’t go near anything frilly, we don’t force them.

4. You’re a freak about car seat safety.

Thanks to advances in science and the ever-present internet there are now entire communities of parents that are completely devoted to car seat safety. And us millennial parents are on our game. We can tell you just about every specification of the car seat in our vehicles and everything that you need to do to ensure that Junior is buckled up just right. If we don’t know, we will refer to one of our go to sites — Car Seats For the Littles is my personal favorite. Millennial parents are also known for our willingness to speak up to friends and strangers alike about how to buckle their kids safely.

5. You (or your partner) most likely breastfed.

Breastfeeding is making a huge comeback so everyone better get used to seeing latched babies again. In 2014, 79.2% of new mothers tried breastfeeding and in 2010, 49% of new babies at least 6-months-old were exclusively breastfed.

6. The majority of your baby’s pictures are on your smartphone.

And of course, they’re filtered to perfection.

7. You recently shared something about your child on social media.

Can’t help it. They’re just so funny and you have to tell the world. Or at least your followers.

8. Or you completely shun and hate social media and are keeping your kid out of it.

9. Individualism is everything.

We are the generation that created “emo” for god’s sake. Our children are given wonderfully unique names that they may hate later in life. We expose them to any and everything artistic. We want our babies to be themselves, and we’re going everything we can to pave the way.

10. Someone is staying home.

Most of us want to raise our kids ourselves — we like to be in charge of our own lives — but another reason is it’s damn hard to get a job and afford childcare. 45% of millennial moms are stay-at-home moms. In my own family, if I were to go to work and we enrolled our daughter into childcare, everything I made would be spent on childcare tuition. That doesn’t include food and gas to travel to and from, and anything else our daughter may need for school. The amount we would spend sending her to childcare would cost more than I could make the hours she was there. Financially it makes zero sense for me to work.

11. You either definitely vaccinated your kid or you definitely didn’t.

Millennials are known for our strong opinions and the “anti-vax” trend is huge. A lot of millennials don’t see a reason to inject viruses into their children. The argument back is those viruses will come back if you don’t vaccinate. Millennial are on either one side or the other of the fence; there aren’t a lot of us sitting in the middle.

12. Your kid probably ate all organic for a while.

This was before the little darling realized just how delicious high fructose corn syrup and food dye made things taste.

13. You travel with your child.

Many of us millennials aren’t really into putting down roots, so we are taking our kids on the road with us. Millennial now make up 31% of the traveling market.

14. Millennial parents are letting their kids lead the way.

From baby-led weaning to letting your boys wear dresses and your girls climb trees, millennials are letting their kids lead the way. We want to give them choices we felt like we didn’t have.

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