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17 Signs You’re Back Home in Kansas

by Ashleigh Lee Feb 6, 2018

There is a sense of familiarity that comes rushing back whenever you come back to Kansas. Although returning to your tight-knit community might remind you why you got out in the first place, being a Kansan makes you damn proud. Here are 17 signs you know you’re back home in Kansas.

1. You don’t bother doing your hair because either the wind or humidity will destroy all your efforts in a matter of seconds.

2. You know not to bring up religion or politics at the dinner table because it will just piss off your mother, and you DO NOT want that to happen.

3. You forget that you can’t get your groceries and liquor in the same place.

4. Speaking of liquor, you know better than to go to a liquor store on a Sunday.

5. There is always a jacket, umbrella, and an ice scraper on hand for when the weather sporadically changes.

6. You can actually see the stars at night.

7. You’ve mastered fielding the “when are you moving back home?” questions from people you wish you hadn’t run into.

8. You have your favorite spots to watch March Madness all month long.

9. Spirit wear and sports jerseys are causally worn again.

10. Most of your high school classmates are married with families, and your mother won’t be afraid to point it out.

11. There are 50 people at the minimum at your family reunions.

12. You avoid sitting in your high school nemensis’s section at the local restaurant.

13. And you make damn sure that she can’t see you.

14. Cinnamon rolls and chili just make sense.

15. The fridge is stocked with good barbecue sauce: Joe’s, Gates and/or Jack Stack.

16. And most of your meals consist of meat and potatoes.

17. Even though you remember why you got out in the first place, you love coming home because there really is just no other place like it.

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