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Abu Dhabi Has New Self-Driving Routes Through the Desert Dunes

by Eben Diskin Jan 20, 2021

Driving through the desert is the dream of many adventurers, and now you don’t even need a special guide to do it. Abu Dhabi has designed six self-drive off-road routes through the deserts just outside the city for driving enthusiasts to enjoy. Previously those desert roads required a guided tour in off-road vehicles, but now you’ll have the freedom to explore the sand dunes at your own pace.

There’s a route for all skill levels, and each will take you to some of the area’s highlights, like camel race tracks, the Telal Nature Reserve, and wildlife-watching spots to see gazelles, camels, and more. Some of the routes take a few hours while others stretch on for a couple of days, so drivers get to try some amazing camping spots. The new routes are part of the Off-Road Driving in Abu Dhabi Project; check out the website for safety and itinerary advice before getting in your vehicle.

According to Ali Hassan Al Shaiba, Executive Director of Tourism and Marketing at Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, “Abu Dhabi is a wonderful destination for adventurers and those looking to connect with nature, thanks to its diverse and rugged landscape. Off-Road Driving in Abu Dhabi will provide adventurers with the opportunity to explore Abu Dhabi’s beautiful landscape and embark on exciting and varying adventures throughout the year.”

It’s recommended that you always travel in a convoy of three vehicles for safety purposes. You can even sign up for a desert driving course with local tour operators to get more comfortable on the terrain.

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