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Airbnb and Eva Longoria Are Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month With New Online Experiences

by Eben Diskin Sep 17, 2020

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Airbnb is partnering with Eva Longoria to host a range of online experiences. From September 15 to October 15, Airbnb is highlighting Hispanic and Latinx traditions that include a class on pre-Hispanic cultures and traditions, a Mezcal experience, a Capoeira dance and martial arts class, and a cigar-smoking workshop. It all culminates in a cooking class hosted by Eva Longoria.

Experiences range from $6 to $100 each, and Eva Longoria’s TexMex cooking class will take place on September 29 at 1:00 PM PDT. All the proceeds from her experience will go toward the Eva Longoria Foundation to enhance educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for Latinas and their families.

“There’s no better time to come together and celebrate the vibrant traditions, diversity, and richness of our heritage,” said Longoria. “There’s a deep-rooted connection between our culture and food, and I’m delighted to invite you into my kitchen and share some of my most cherished memories as we cook one of my favorite TexMex dishes that remind me of home.”

These are some of the National Hispanic Heritage Month experiences you should keep your eye on.

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