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Airbnb Is Offering $0 Rentals for Hurricane Florence Evacuees

by Tim Wenger Sep 14, 2018

Hurricane Florence has upended over one million people in North and South Carolina, as well as in Virginia, forcing them out of their homes in anticipation of high winds and heavy flooding. The storm’s landfall is predicted for today (Friday), so home rental site Airbnb is offering $0 listings for those displaced by the storm through its “Open Homes” program.

Through Airbnb’s charitable program, hosts are able to offer up their rentals — be they guest homes, apartments, or even just a spare bedroom, free of charge, as reported by Condé Nast Traveler. To date, more than 100 listings have been made available to those in need. Hosts throughout the southeast coast, primarily in larger cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, and Columbia, all have numerous $0 listings available.

If you or your family have been forced to evacuate due to the storm, you can view the available listings on Airbnb’s Open Homes page. While no documentation is needed to prove that an applicant is actually displaced, Airbnb is taking measures to ensure regular renters aren’t abusing the policy. “Any reservation reported to have been made by a non-evacuee will be cancelled and guests must leave the listing immediately,” Airbnb explained on the Open Homes site.

Those with a room to spare are able to list it via the same site. “We are incredibly proud that so many of our hosts offer to volunteer their homes to their fellow neighbors in need during times of disaster,” Airbnb said.

H/T: Condé Nast Traveler

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