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Airbnb With Hilarious Quirks Goes Viral on TikTok

by Elisabeth Sherman Dec 22, 2021

When most people step into an Airbnb, they expect a set of instructions detailing the proper method for locking the door and where to throw out the trash before they leave — the basic tasks that all polite guests are willing to complete to accommodate their host and make their stay seamless. But recently a woman on TikTok, who goes by the username @authentiffany_, encountered an Airbnb owner who went above and beyond in creating a strict set of rules for guests in her home. The video she recorded documenting her experience went viral on TikTok.

@authentiffany_ I brought the full story to you. I guess y’all wanted to hear it. #fyp #foryou #airbnb #MakeABunchHappen #WhenRiftanSays #viral #makeitcinematic ♬ original sound – Authentiffany

The whole Airbnb is full with laminated cards in precise handwriting outlining how each and every item in the house should be used, according to the owners’ specifications. Some are reasonable and understandable; for instance, she specifies that there is no smoking or candles permitted in the room. But some are plain bizarre.

According to this Airbnb host’s rules, the shower curtain has to be opened from right to left. There’s a hand-drawn guide to the TV remote control, explaining the purpose of each button. There’s a note explaining how an air vent on the floor works, and how guests are allowed to use the room’s storage bins (they should be stacked and used for “food and other supplies”).

One of the strangest moments of the video comes when @authentiffany_ explains that when the owner noticed that she was using a tall cup for water, she informed her that she should in fact be using the squat cup because the tall cup is intended to store a toothbrush only. In a text overlay, @authentiffany_ explains that the owner promised to properly label the cups for future guests.

Ultimately, none of the rules moved @authentiffany_ to leave this Airbnb or to feel uncomfortable in the room. In a later video, she specifies that she picked the Airbnb room last minute, and that it has high ratings on the Airbnb site. She even praises the host for sending her detailed instructions on where to park her car. But she actually met the host, they chatted for an hour and she revealed that she feels as though she has to “stupid-proof” everything in the house. @Authentiffany_ was able to laugh at the situation, though. She says after talking with her host, she simply went up to her room and fell asleep – no harm done.

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