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Airbnb Announces New Transparent Pricing, a Rooms Category, and Enhanced Security Features

by Tim Wenger May 3, 2023

Airbnb on May 3 announced its Summer 2023 Release. The company’s biannual announcement included the debut of Airbnb Rooms, a new feature that allows users to book private rooms and engage with their local host in the manner of a tour guide. Airbnb’s releases of new products and updates have in the past included the reveal of Categories and Airbnb Setup, which made it easier to list a property on the site.

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“Staying with a host was the original idea behind Airbnb,” CEO Brian Chesky says in a new video announcing the update. “There really wasn’t a better, or more affordable, way to experience a place. We want more people to try it. But to try it, they have to feel comfortable staying with a host.”

The new “Rooms” category features over 1 million rooms for guests to choose from, located all over the world. Information about the host is displayed in a new feature called the “Host Passport.” Here, guests can see info including the host’s ratings, reviews, and history as an Airbnb host. The host also has space to share information about themself, including their profession and hobbies. Enhanced privacy features have been enacted to help guests feel comfortable sharing a home with their host.

Affordability is forefront with “Rooms” – the average cost of a room is just $68 per night. Guests can select hosts based on not just location but can now identify common interests, cool interior design, or just about anything else that might draw them to connect with their host. In other ways, the stay is similar to how Airbnb has always run. Guests can come and go as they please and are covered by popular Airbnb features including Airbnb Cover.

Other news announced in the Summer 2023 release include Total Price Display, which allows guests to view the total cost of the place they hope to book including any applicable fees. This is a long-requested feature aimed at simplifying the booking process. Wishlists also received an upgrade to make the bookmarking of cool-looking homes easier and more navigable. Smaller features include better optimization of monthly search and bookings, notes, and pins. Guests can also now connect their bank account directly to Airbnb in order to pay via ACH.

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