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Airbnb Takes Its Popular Experiences Online to Keep You Entertained at Home

by Eben Diskin Apr 9, 2020

As travel has been almost entirely halted amid the coronavirus pandemic, and health authorities instruct us to social distance, the popular in-person Airbnb Experiences are paused through April 30, 2020.

Airbnb Experiences launched in 2016, as activities offered by locals to give travelers a more intimate sense of their destination.

But the home-sharing company is getting creative with new ways to engage customers all around the world, particularly by taking its “experiences” online.

Catherine Powell, head of Airbnb Experiences, said in a press release, “Human connection is at the core of what we do. With so many people needing to stay indoors to protect their health, we want to provide an opportunity for our hosts to connect with our global community of guests in the only way possible right now, online.”

The experiences are wide ranging, including a Portuguese tapas class, a masterclass in Irish dance, a lesson on South African penguins, and a guided meditation with sheep in Scotland, among many others.

Airbnb online experiences

Photo: Airbnb

One experience, called “Meet the Dogs of Chernobyl,” invites participants to learn about the Dogs of Chernobyl program which helps the dogs that currently live in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with food and shelter. During the virtual visit, you will meet some of the dogs and see them being fed, as well as visit the site of the nuclear disaster.

Just because they’re virtual, however, doesn’t mean these experiences are free. There are currently 60 online experiences available, ranging in price from $1 to $64, and are hosted largely via Zoom.

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