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This Airbus Turned the Cargo Bay Into Huge Sleeper Bunks

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by Morgane Croissant Apr 12, 2018

If there is one thing every traveler wants to be able to do while on a long flight, it’s sleep comfortably. But no matter how many hacks you try to make flying less miserable, it can sometimes feel impossible to sleep a wink, especially if you’re traveling in a cramped economy middle seat.

Luckily, Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace are coming to the rescue to make every traveler’s dream come true, by developing a sleeping area in aircrafts’ cargo compartments. The sleeping berths give a cool hostel vibe that is sure to please travelers desperately trying to catch some Z’s.

Air hostel

Photo: Airbus

The sleeping module would slide in the lower deck and could be easily removed from the area to be used for cargo when need be, so there’s no waste of space.

Airbus explains that the lower-deck sleeping facilities will be offered first on the A330, by 2020, so we may only have two years of terrible flying experiences to deal with before we can stretch our legs and take a much-needed nap on our way to our destination.

Geoff Pinner, Head of Airbus Cabin & Cargo Programme said that they have already received very positive feedback from several airlines on their first mock-ups, so we hope that sleeping quarters like this one will soon be so ubiquitous and affordable that we’ll forget about all the years of cramped legs are neck pains.

So, what’s next for aircraft innovations that would make travelers’ experience more positive? Because it seems like the sleeping problem will soon be under control, we suggest that the engineers and designers at Airbus now concentrate their efforts in finding a little, unused corner to set up some showers. When that’s done, we’ll finally stop complaining. We promise.

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