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Airlines Crack Down on Emotional Support Animals, Except for Mini Horses

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by Eben Diskin Jun 7, 2018

If you were looking forward to taking your next vacation with your pet peacock by your side, you might run into some trouble at the airport starting July 1st. JetBlue is the most recent airline to impose new strictures on traveling with emotional support animals. Any passenger wishing to fly with an emotional support animal will be required to notify the airline at least 48 hours in advance, submit a veterinary health form verifying the animal’s fitness to fly, a medical prescription from a doctor for the animal, and a signed animal behavior form.

In a release, John Allen, vice president of safety for JetBlue, said that the new policies are meant to be a “thoughtful and collaborative approach to balance the needs of customers requiring assistance while responding to the extensive feedback we’ve received from customers and crewmembers concerned about their health and safety.”

Recently, airlines have been cracking down on emotional support animals due to phony claims and several disruptive incidents. While airlines are taking the matter into their own hands, the US Department of Transportation is trying to create some consistency, by drafting an official set of rules surrounding emotional support animals in the near future.

So, what animals can you bring on the plane with you, exactly? Unfortunately, you’ll have to leave your hedgehogs, ferrets, insects, rodents, snakes, spiders, sugar gliders, birds, reptiles, and any animals with tusks, at home. The good news is, you can still bring along your cat or dog, or — yes, you’re reading this right — miniature horses. A full-sized horse? Absolutely not. Don’t be ridiculous.

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