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Amy Poehler’s New Movie Is a Romp Through Napa Valley

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by Nickolaus Hines Apr 12, 2019

An escape to Napa seems to be on everyone’s ideal vacation list, even today’s best comedians. A buddy comedy starring and directed by Amy Poehler, Wine Country premieres on Netflix on May 10, and will depict Poehler and her famous friends as they cavort through Napa wine country getting into all kinds of shenanigans — including ones inspired by real vacations Poehler took with her SNL friends.

The movie’s driving plot is six friends who rent an Airbnb in Napa for one of their 50th birthdays. Once the wine flows, the plan flies out the window. Along with Poehler, the movie stars Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Emily Spivey, Paula Pell, and Ana Gasteyer. A trailer for the movie shows scenes like Rudolph singing on top of — then falling off of — a piano, plenty of one-liners, and a lot of wine. Basically, it looks like Sideways but funny, like if Bridesmaids went to Napa.

In March, Poehler and Rudolph did an interview with Vanity Fair about the inspiration for the movie. One was Dratch’s (who plays the birthday woman in Wine Country) 50th birthday in Napa, and another was Gasteyer’s 50th birthday in Palm Springs that the crew called “muumuu nitpick” because they wore muumuus and, well, nitpicked about the things that bugged them.

The film also has cameos from Tina Fey (as the Airbnb owner), Maya Erskine, and Jason Schwartzman. No scenes depict two straight men talking to each other. Speaking with Vanity Fair, Poehler said, “There’s just not enough films that take full advantage of what it’s like to be our age and to be around women that have known you for a really long time but aren’t competing for the same job or the same guy.”

Find the trailer below.

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