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Domestic Violence Offenders Will Be Refused Entry Into This Country

Australia News
by Eben Diskin Mar 15, 2019

Australia is taking serious measures against domestic abuse. A new law introduced at the end of February prohibits visiting perpetrators of violence against women and children from entering Australia, and those already within the country will be removed.

Previously, the ban only applied to those who had served over 12 months in prison for domestic violence offenses, but this new law does not require a minimum sentence threshold.

Nicolle Edwards, CEO of the RizeUp domestic violence charity, told Lonely Planet that, “As a nation, we need to stan together and have zero tolerance for domestic violence perpetrators, therefore we support anything that sends a message that violence won’t be tolerated in our country. There should be consequences that reflect such behavior.” She added, “Every woman and child has the right to feel safe in our country.”

Australia’s National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service can be reached at 1800 737 732 (1800RESPECT) 24 hours a day.

H/T: Lonely Planet

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