Photo: NASA/NASA Earth Observatory/Serge Andrefouet

Otherworldly Bahamas Image Wins NASA’s Contest for Best Earth Photo

by Eben Diskin May 8, 2020

If the view from your windows doesn’t do it for you any longer, this vibrant aerial picture of the Bahamas should transport you to a dreamier place.

Photo: NASA/NASA Earth Observatory/Serge Andrefouet

“Ocean Sand, Bahamas” is the title of the winning image for NASA Earth Observatory’s 2020 bracket-style photo competition called Tournament Earth. The competition pitted the best-submitted photographs of the Earth against each other in a brack format, and the public voted on which photos advanced.

“Ocean Sand, Bahamas,” taken in 2001 by Serge Andrefouet through the Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus instrument aboard the Landsat 7 satellite, is a beautiful artistic false-color rendering of patterns in the sands and seaweed in the Bahamas.

Over 56,000 people voted in the contest, whose entries were taken from NASA Earth Observatory’s Image of the Day. “Ocean Sand, Bahamas” won 66.2 percent of the votes in the final round. It beat out a photograph taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station of the erupting Raikoke Volcano, as well as a view of the Earth from space, among others.

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