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Barter Your Way Around the World With This New Website

by Eben Diskin Nov 9, 2018

If you’re looking to travel back to a simpler time, Barter Week might be just the outlet you’ve been waiting for. This website is taking commerce back to the old days when people bartered with goods and services rather than money. The Barter Week program is designed to allow travelers to stay for free at various global locations in exchange for goods and services of appropriate value.

Right now, there are nearly 500 participating locations across 60 countries, from Fiji and Lithuania to the US and Peru, and accommodations range from B&Bs to hotels, hostels, nature lodges, and even old farmhouses. A full list of locations — including photos, descriptions, and barter requirements — can be found on the official website. For locations that don’t name their own barter price, or “wishes,” travelers are able to suggest their own.

Examples of some desired services include on-site repair work, photography, teaching English, video production, gardening, or painting. As part of the exchange, some locations even offer local experiences, such as archeology tours, homemade breakfasts, or live music nights.

Barter Week officially runs from November 19 to November 25 though many properties accept barters all year round. Once you’ve made your offer, the host will decide whether to accept or reject it, though there is likely room for negotiation.

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