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Iconic Beatles’ ‘Strawberry Fields’ Now Open to the Public in Liverpool

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by Eben Diskin Sep 17, 2019

The 60,000 Beatles fans who come every year to take a peek at Strawberry Field through the locked gates will now be able to walk the Salvation Army garden made famous by the 1967 song “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

The garden, located in Liverpool, England, was just around the corner from where John Lennon used to live and was such a special place for him as a child that it inspired one of the most popular Beatles songs. After being closed for nearly 14 years, Strawberry Field opened to the public on September 14.

But there’s more than the garden to visit for the band’s fans. The original Victorian house that was a refuge for young children in distress has been demolished and replaced by a visitors’ center in the form of a new, modern home. The building hosts an interactive exhibition run by the Salvation Army, educating visitors on Lennon’s childhood and the story behind the popular song.

Tickets for the exhibition are $16 for adults, and profits will go toward helping young people with learning disabilities find work. The garden and cafe are free to enter.

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