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Belize Is Now Welcoming Vaccinated Travelers Without a COVID-19 Test

by Eben Diskin Mar 12, 2021

Belize has become the latest country — and the first in the Caribbean — to incorporate vaccinations into its plan for reopening to international tourism. Instead of providing a negative COVD-19 test, travelers to Belize only need to present a vaccination record card, proving that they received full inoculation at least two weeks before their arrival. They must also download the Belize Health App and input the required health information within 72 hours of arrival.

In a statement, the Belize Tourism Board said, “The decision to ease the restriction on travelers who have received the COVID vaccine has been facilitated by the reduction in daily new cases across the country. Belize has been very successful in its efforts to control the transmission of COVID-19 over the past few weeks; presently, there are less than 100 active cases countrywide, and the numbers have been consistently decreasing.”

Travelers who haven’t received their vaccines yet must still show a negative COVID-19 test to enter, taken within 96 hours of travel. A rapid antigen test, taken within 48 hours of travel, is also acceptable. Failure to produce a test will result in a mandated test upon arrival at the airport, at a cost of $50 per person. Airport testing is also available for travelers who need a test to return home . A list of approved testing sites is available on the Belize Tourism Board’s website.

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