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Berlin Wants to Turn Parks, Streets, and Squares Into Open-Air Clubs

by Eben Diskin Jul 30, 2020

Avid partygoers are hurting this summer. Berlin is one of the world’s most famous destinations for clubbings, but since the start of the pandemic, Germany’s capital has been party-free. Despite the loosening of restrictions, the nightlife industry can’t rebound in full right now, but city authorities are trying to revive some of the city’s legendary energy by converting outdoor spaces into open-air venues.

The proposal calls for streets, squares, and parks to be converted into open-air areas that nightlife venues can rent. Ramona Pop, senator for economic affairs, sent a letter to Berlin’s district mayors encouraging them to consider this creative use of space. Last week, she told Berliner Morgenpost, “Berlin misses its diverse club scene. That’s why…we want to create legal opportunities to party in public areas for clubs and Berliners.”

Pop hopes that the new open-air venues will be usable in the next few weeks, since summer is the perfect season to promote outdoor events and parties.

The open-air campaign is partly a response to the increasing number of illegal raves taking place around the city recently. Open-air clubs would give Berliners a safe, legal outlet to party in a time when people desperately need to blow off steam.

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