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This Study Shows the Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

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by Tim Wenger Oct 11, 2018

Those dreams of throwing caution to the wind and jumping on a plane to somewhere far away on your own might actually be more realistic than you thought. According to research from Ampersand Travel, an increasing number of women are packing their bags and heading off, without the bother of waiting for anyone else to join. Solo travel is also an exercise in both self-confidence and trip-planning skills, and women are leading the charge, with Ampersand’s blog citing a study from George Washington University showing that almost two out of three travelers today are women.

Ampersand recently launched what they’ve dubbed the Wander Women Index, a ranking of the best destinations for solo female travelers. Factors used to determine the ranking include safety, women’s rights, food, culture, and Instagrammability.

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Japan placed first in this ranking of the best destinations for solo female travelers, followed by France, Spain, and the US. The Japanese islands ranked high atop the list of most Instagrammable places and also scored well for safety and culture. Indonesia placed fifth, with Italy, Australia, and Canada also in the top 10. Perhaps most surprising is the seemingly low ranking of traditionally popular tourist hubs like The Netherlands (29) and Costa Rica (31).

All on the list offer ample reasons to visit, with the one undeniable takeaway being that your bucket list just got a heck of a lot longer.

H/T: Ampersand Travel

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