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The British Virgin Islands Has Finally Reopened Its Borders to Tourism

British Virgin Islands News
by Eben Diskin Dec 8, 2020

The British Virgin Islands is now open for tourism, but like most Caribbean destinations, you’ll have to prove you’re COVID-free before entering.

The British Virgin Islands, a group of 60 islands east of Puerto Rico, reopened its borders to travelers on December 1 with strict restrictions, including multiple testing requirements and a short quarantine period.

To visit, you’ll have to register online at the BVI Gateway at least seven days before your travel date, and then take a COVID-19 PCR test within five days of arrival, the results of which you’ll need to upload online. You must also submit proof of payment for your required four-day quarantine at an approved accommodation, as well as proof of medical travel insurance covering COVID-19. To cap off the online requirements, you’ll also be asked to pay a $175 COVID-19 entry fee, before receiving your Travel Authorization Certificate.

Upon arrival, you must take another PCR test at the airport and activate contact tracing on your phone. On the fourth day of your quarantine, you’ll have to take another PCR test and you’ll only be allowed to explore the island freely if the results come back negative.

New health and safety protocols will also be in place at the airport and around the island, including contactless services, hands-free automated doors, protection barriers, isolation rooms, touchless restroom facilities, and more.

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