If you’re the ultimate scary movie fan, we have great news — the iconic SCREAM franchise is coming to theaters in January 2022. But if you’re lucky and have $5, you can celebrate this Halloween right inside the original SCREAM house with host sheriff Dewey Riley there to help you survive the return of Ghostface.

Airbnb is hosting three one-night stays for up to four people per party to try to survive a night with Ghostface on October 27, October 29, and October 31. The guests will receive a virtual check-in from Dewey. Afterward, take your time exploring the SCREAM house with all the original markings from the filming, and use the phone if you dare to reach Ghostface or make any requests. Then enjoy a VHS movie marathon of all four scream movies while munching on iconic 90s snacks like Jiffy Pops, Reddi-whip, and pizza. And if you survive the night, you’ll be able to take home a DVD bundle of the first four SCREAM films, Woodsboro High gear, posters from the new movie and more.

“Protecting the town of Woodsboro is my life’s duty, and I’ve certainly developed a knack for escaping Ghostface,” Riley said. “As your Host, I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on guests to ensure no one gets surprised by an unexpected plot twist. Trust me, horror movies always keep it interesting, for better or for worse…“

You’ll have to be quick to book one of the three stays on October 12 at 1 PM EDT. And if you manage to snag a night, be sure you know how you’ll be traveling to Northern California as transportation is not included in the package. And while you’re enjoying tricks, Airbnb is offering a treat to Ween Dream, making a donation to provide free Halloween costumes to children in need nationwide.

In the case you can’t book a stay, you can still enjoy an online experience with original SCREAM screenwriter, SCREAM (2022) executive producer, and scary movie expert Kevin Williamson to learn the behind-the-scenes secrets of the SCREAM franchise on October 28, 2021.

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