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Anthony Bourdain and Carrie Fisher Feature in Netflix Documentary on Taking Psychedelics

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by Tim Wenger Apr 29, 2020

Although Anthony Bourdain and Carrie Fisher have passed, we haven’t seen the last of them. Netflix’s upcoming Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics lists them both as celebrities with stories featured in the May 11 documentary.

The film centers on famous comedians, actors, and celebrities who share their stories about, as the name suggests, tripping on psychedelics. The stories will be told in part through reenactments and animated clips that call to mind the funny feelings fostered by an altered mental state. Have A Good Trip promises to look deeper — experientially, at least — than other recent mushroom-fueled cinema such as Fantastic Fungi. Yet while the potential medical merits of psychedelics are to be noted in the film, it’s the trip itself that takes center stage.

The documentary looks to be as wild as the personalities it features — a young Bourdain, actively obsessed with journalist Hunter S. Thompson, is portrayed by Adam DeVine, according to Uproxx. He’ll have a lot to work with: Bourdain was open in interviews about taking a lot (a lot) of LSD when he was young. Musicians Sting, A$AP Rocky, and Ad-Rock also speak their minds about psychedelic drug use in raw and revealing interviews. It looks as though most celebrities you’ve always suspected of having tried mushrooms or acid actually have, and many aren’t afraid to talk about it.

The timing of the documentary is appropriate. Psychedelics have spawned their way into the spotlight recently, as activists cite potential medicinal perks that have launched magic mushrooms down a similar path as cannabis — study, decriminalization, and if its supporters get their way, medical legalization or even a full-on societal embrace. Denver, which was one of the main cities that catapulted legal cannabis into the American mainstream in 2014, recently decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms. The active psychedelic substance in these mushrooms — psilocybin — is undergoing multiple clinical studies to understand its medical benefits. LSD and DMT are in similar studies to understand what, if any, psychiatric or medical benefits they may have on patients.

Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics will be released May 11 and will stream on Netflix.

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