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Chrissy Teigen Might Be Curating Delta’s New Food Menu, and It Sounds Delicious

by Eben Diskin Dec 12, 2018

There’s no doubt that airline food has been improving. While once it was considered a feat of bravery to consume an airline shrimp scampi, now passengers actually look forward to their hot meals, complete with starter salads, sides, and desserts. But while plane food might have come a long way from sharing a sentence with prison meals, people aren’t exactly posting Instagram photos of their uninspired beef and potatoes or their little dessert pudding. Though if cookbook author, model, and television personality Chrissy Teigen gets her wish, that’s about to change.

Like many passengers, Teigen was displeased by the menu options. Unlike most passengers, however, she might actually be in a position to do something about it. Shortly after her initial tweets, she followed up with this:

Seizing on the opportunity to help make Teigen’s dream a reality, The Points Guy played matchmaker with some of the US’s biggest airlines.

And seemingly, it worked:

The first step in solving any problem is admitting you have one, so credit to Delta for showing an interest in improving their in-flight menu. If Teigen’s first food suggestion is any indication of what’s to come, Delta can expect a dramatic increase in bookings in 2019.

For Delta’s sake, and for the sake of everyone who’s sick of traditional plane food, we really hope this partnership comes to fruition.

H/T: The Points Guy

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