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Celebrate Christmas at Hogwarts With This Winter-Themed Feast and Studio Tour

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by Eben Diskin Sep 19, 2018

We all love the holiday season tradition that consists of sitting around the fireplace with the family drinking eggnog, but this year, you might want to ditch your relatives to have a Harry Potter-themed Christmas.

This winter, Harry Potter fans will be able to dig into a magical Christmas dinner on the set of Hogwarts’ Great Hall in London, followed by dessert served on Platform 9 ¾, an after-hours Studio Tour, music, dancing, and Butterbeer.

In true winter fashion, the Great Hall set will be outfitted with decorations used for the actual Yule Ball scene in the movie, including Christmas trees and other seasonal ornaments. Hogwarts guests can also expect to find wintry decorations across all the other sets, just as they appeared in the films. The iconic Gryffindor Common Room will get its own cozy Christmas transformation, and the castle itself will be blanketed in snow.

The magical Christmas dinner and tour will take place on the evenings of December 10th through 12th, and it’ll cost about $315 per person. Tickets can be purchased starting on September 15th at 10:00 AM from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour website. The event itself will run from 6:00 PM to midnight.

For a more affordable Hogwarts experience, you can sign up for Hogwarts in the Snow, a winter-themed studio tour of the Harry Potter set. You won’t be eating a sumptuous feast, but you’ll get still get to bask in Hogwarts’ winter magic. The Hogwarts in the Snow tour runs from November 17th to January 27th and costs about $55 per person.

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