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This High-Tech Cloud Cabin Bus Will Help You Sleep Soundly From LA to San Francisco

by Eben Diskin Oct 1, 2018

Seven hours is a long time to spend twiddling your thumbs on a bus, but sadly, most of us are simply bored to tears on lengthy commutes. Sleep is certainly an option on overnight trips, but with all those bumps in the road, it can prove an impossible prospect. One bus service provider is trying to solve this issue, using the latest technology to create a smooth ride and help passengers get a solid night’s sleep.

While Cabin has been transporting passengers between Los Angeles and San Francisco since 2017 and is already known for its hotel-like, comfortable accommodations, it’s now kicking it up a notch. It’s introducing a suspension system called “Cabin Cloud,” designed to help passengers sleep as soundly as possible. By muting turbulence and reducing road vibrations, the goal is to make passengers forget they’re on a bus at all. “We’re obsessed with architecting the perfect environment for sleep travel,” said Tom Currier, Co-Founder and CTO of Cabin, in a press release, and it seems they’ve done just that.

Coud Cabin bus traveling from LA to SF

Photo: Cabin

After conducting extensive research, Cabin discovered that active suspension was the most effective way to reduce road turbulence. The bus service developed proprietary software to identify the major bumps along the route, then installed the necessary hardware into the bus to deal with them. Now, when the bus encounters a bump, the technology responds by moving the passenger’s bed either up or down to accommodate the bump, thereby preventing a jarring jolt.

Inside the Cloud Cabin bus from SF to LA

Photo: Cabin

To experience “Cabin Cloud” technology for yourself, visit Cabin’s website to book a ticket. Prices range between $84 and $124 for a one-way fare.

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