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A Competitive Weed Cooking Show Is Coming to Netflix

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by Eben Diskin May 31, 2018

If you’ve just finished your latest Netflix binge and need something fresh to get hooked on, this weed-themed show might be for you. While we didn’t even know competitive weed cooking existed, now it’s the focus of Netflix’s new show, Cooking on High (see what they did there?). Debuting on June 22nd, the show will feature ten chefs competing against each other to cook up the most creative and tasty cannabis-style dish for a panel of celebrity judges. And the most important requirement — each dish must get you stoned. Yeah, this might be the most interesting judging gig in town.

The show will be hosted by comedian and YouTube sensation Josh Leyva, while comedian and cannabis activist Ngaio Bealum will serve as the show’s “culinary weed expert.” Bealum hosted the TV series Cannabis Planet, published the West Coast Cannabis Magazine, and has a weekly column in the Sacramento News & Review, where he answers readers’ questions about cannabis law. So cannabis purists can rest easy — there’s a true expert on board to keep everyone honest.

Little else is known about the show at this time, other than the fact that (for obvious reasons) it’s rated eighteen and over. Judges have yet to be named, but we can bet that there is no shortage of celebrities willing to fill the role.

H/T: High Times

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