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Costa Rica Is Dropping Its COVID-19 Test Requirement

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by Eben Diskin Oct 27, 2020

This week Costa Rica is removing all COVID-19 test requirements for entry, which were previously required for US citizens since August 2020. The country initially adopted a state-by-state approach to reopening, only allowing those from low-transmission states and with a negative COVID-19 test to enter. Costa Rica broadened this list of states gradually since August and will now be dropping the testing requirement completely.

Under the new protocol, visitors will have to fill out an online health form and purchase travel insurance covering accommodation and medical expenses in case quarantine becomes necessary. The new rules come as Costa Rica prepares to open its borders to international visitors next week, including all US citizens. The reopening measures line up nicely with Costa Rica’s typical “high season,” which runs from November to May.

According to tourism minister Gustavo Segura, “A tourist visiting the country activates a series of productive chains, such as agriculture, fishing, commerce, transport, tourism guides, hotels, restaurants, operators, artisans – and in looking that, we must focus to continue with the reactivation, safeguarding sanitary measures against COVID-19.”

Hotels will be open at 100 percent capacity and restaurants and bars at 50 percent. The country’s goal is to create 80,000 new tourism jobs by 2021.

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