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Couple to Wed on a Luggage Belt at Cleveland Airport

by Eben Diskin Apr 25, 2019

Meeting your true love in an airport might sound like the plot of a corny romantic comedy, but for this couple, it’s how their love story started. Twelve years ago, Michelle Bellau went to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to pick up a client on behalf of her boss. She met Ron Peterson at baggage claim, and after the conclusion of that business trip, the two maintained a long-distance relationship for years, between Cleveland and LA.

The two spent a lot of time at the Cleveland Hopkins airport while they were living at other ends of the country. “It was both the happiest place and the saddest place,” she said to And this coming Saturday, fittingly, they’re getting married where they first met — at baggage claim six.

“He said he really wanted to get married at the place we first met,” said Bellau. “I couldn’t think of anything more perfect.” Although it took a bit of convincing, airport officials finally agreed to let the ceremony take place this Saturday, literally on top of the baggage claim belt, with over 100 friends and family in attendance.

As a nod to Southwest Airlines, which often brought the couple together, their save-the-date cards were designed to look like Southwest luggage tags, and their wedding invitations resemble the design of Southwest boarding passes. The airline has been incredibly supportive of the nuptials, agreeing to shift arriving bags to a nearby belt during the ceremony.


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