Photo: UNStudio

The World’s First Cross-Border Cable Car Will Take You Between Russia and China

by Eben Diskin Jul 31, 2019

Forget planes, trains, and automobiles — the best way of getting from Russia to China is soon going to be a cable car ride.

The gondola is planned to run between Heihe in northeast China and Blagoveshchensk in Russia, above the Amur River, and will be the world’s first cross-border cable car. Each car will be able to convey up to 60 passengers at once for quick three-and-a-half-minute ride, reported CNN.

The Blagoveshchensk angular cable car terminal, designed by Dutch architecture design studio UNStudio, will be built over several levels with terraces and green plateaus. The plan is for the terminal to be more than just a place for travelers to pass through — it will act as a viewing platform, urban park, as well as a space for events and performances.

Cable car between Russia and China terminal

Photo: UNStudio/Facebook

Cable car between Russia and China terminal 2

Photo: UNStudio

The project is still in its planning stages, but construction on the cable car and terminals is expected to begin in 2020.

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