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Delta’s New Planes Will Have Bathroom Windows and Wider Seats

by Eben Diskin Nov 7, 2018

Window seats are highly coveted, and if you’re stuck with a view of the aisle carpet or the dreaded middle seat, a view of the sky is always welcome. Soon, all Delta passengers will have the chance to sit by the window, at least for a few minutes, as its new aircrafts will feature windows in each of its three bathrooms. The Delta A220-100 will be the first-ever commercial plane to include bathroom windows, and the windows are just the start of this plane’s unique upgrades. Although some airlines are scaling back entertainment options, recognizing that passengers often bring their laptops or iPads, Delta is installing seatback screens on all of its A220s, as well as 2Ku Wi-Fi — the latest Wi-Fi technology.

And the upgrades aren’t all technology based, either. Economy passengers will also be able to enjoy seats widened to 18.6 inches — the widest on any narrowbody aircraft — roomier overhead bins, larger windows, and atmospheric LED lighting throughout the plane. If you’re flying first class, you’ll have the luxury of extra-large seatback screens; Comfort Plus passengers will also have more legroom and dedicated overhead bin space.

The planes are expected to be 20 percent more fuel efficient than many other aircrafts of similar size. It’s part of Delta’s broader goal of modernizing its fleet, making all of its aircrafts more fuel efficient, and eventually replacing 20 percent of its older aircrafts by 2020. Delta is the first airline to operate the A220-100s, and the maiden flights will depart on January 31st, from New York City to Boston and Dallas. According to Delta, additional routes will be added shortly thereafter.


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