The Fairmont Gold Experience Takes Your Toronto Trip to the Next Level

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by Tim Wenger Sep 24, 2021

Most large hotel chains have a rewards system for frequent travelers who are loyal. Fairmont, the most iconic of Canadian hotel brands, thinks outside the box with its Fairmont Gold Experience.

For starters, you can experience its perks from your first stay, and while you’ll pay a couple of hundred bucks more per night, being treated like royalty while staying in a hotel that looks like a full-scale castle is pretty cool. In situations where the cost is justified, the Fairmont Gold Experience provides a host of remarkable perks.

So what is exactly is the Fairmont Gold Experience? 

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Let’s look at a popular scenario to better explain. You and your partner are traveling to Toronto. This is primarily a leisure trip, but one or both of you will likely need to do some remote work while in town, including taking calls. You plan to visit popular attractions including the waterfront, Kensington Market, CN Tower, and maybe hit the Aga Khan or Bata Shoe Museums if there’s time. In the evenings you hope to explore the city’s international dining scene and catch a show at the UNESCO-listed Danforth Music Hall.

Thing is, doing all of this plus working while in Toronto is a lot, and you only have a few days. This is where the Fairmont Gold Experience Toronto is hugely beneficial. Think of this service as your personal concierge for the trip. The team can help arrange your dinners, ground transport, and other logistics, much like any basic concierge service. But the Fairmont Gold Experience is full-circle, designed for those who need to spend time hunched over their laptop in the hotel. Fairmont Gold gives you access to high-speed wifi in what is effectively a modern coworking space — the private lounge for Gold stays. Here you can take calls, crank out a day’s work productively and efficiently without distraction, and enjoy complimentary snacks and coffee while you do it. There’s even a meeting room available, should you need it.

Additionally, Gold stays have access to a healthy breakfast and afternoon canapés in the lounge. And a daily happy hour from what Fairmont dubs the Honor Bar which is complimentary as well. Each Fairmont Gold hotel has a private floor specific to Gold stays equipped with an equally private reception desk as well as media to include newspapers, games, and movies. Fairmont claims the staff at this desk will remember your name. This may be a bit creepy for those of us accustomed to the anonymity generally associated with staying in a hotel, but a nice gesture nonetheless and something regular travelers undoubtedly come to appreciate.

In summary, for a “bleisure” trip to Toronto (see what I did there?), Fairmont Gold Experience provides an experience of a high-end hotel and takes logistics off your plate. Kind of like how your partner was supposed to handle scouting flights for this trip — except for it actually comes through. 

Speaking of the Fairmont Gold Experience in Toronto, the Fairmont Royal York is an ideal place to put the service to the test. Located right downtown, this hotel maintains the castle-like ambiance for which Fairmont is known. Its aura towers like a beacon of comfort and tranquility over the otherwise business-first Financial District. The Harbourfront and Sugar Beach are right up the street, and many of the city’s finest restaurants including Kost, Chotto Matte, and Bymark are within walking distance. There’s no better way to experience Canadian hospitality in the most Canadian of cities.

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