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The Faroe Islands Might Be the Next Big Stopover Destination

by Eben Diskin Apr 29, 2019

Iceland has soared in popularity in recent years, carving out a niche for itself as the premier “stopover destination” en route to Europe. Well, Iceland’s days of supremacy might be numbered as Atlantic Airways will begin flying nonstop from New York City to the Faroe Islands this fall. According to Simple Flying, “Atlantic Airways might do the same thing Icelandair and Wow Air did. Icelandic Icelandair and Wow Air both pioneered the stopover model… because of the two airlines, Iceland has become one of the fastest growing transatlantic markets.”

The success of those two airlines has turned Iceland into a major tourist hub, and for better or worse, the same may be on the horizon for the Faroe Islands. The airline has been slowly building its presence in the islands, introducing routes from the Faroes to Mallorca, Barcelona, Lisbon, Gran Canaria, and others. This July, they will begin flying between the Faroe Islands and Paris.

Although the New York route hasn’t been officially confirmed by the airline, in December Atlantic Airways CEO Johanna a Bergi told that the airline had applied for permission to operate a service between Vágar and New York City. According to Bergi, “the plan is to make a couple of flights to New York City next fall — around four-six flights in all, one flight per week.”

Of course, WOW Airlines recently went out of business, so looking to the airline as a business model could be an ill-advised strategy.


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