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Where to Find Your Favorite Celebrity Cannabis Brands

by Nickolaus Hines Aug 12, 2021

Cannabis has long been a source of inspiration for musicians, actors, and other performers. So it only makes sense that, as recreational cannabis is legalized in an increasing number of states, celebrities would start their own marijuana brands.

This is great for fans who want to experience the same high that their favorite celebrity approves. What’s less great is how complicated it can be to find specific brands, even if you’re in a legal state. Due to weed still being a Schedule I drug on the federal level, cannabis companies can’t cross state lines. That means any cannabis for sale must be produced in the state it’s sold, and many brands stick to just one or a few states.

Many celebrity brands are worth seeking out when you’re in a state where it is, though. Some align with what you’d guess the celebrity’s cannabis preference is, like Lil Wayne’s GKUA, which focuses on high-THC products. Others have a tight focus on custom strains, like itsPurpl from Jaleel White (who played Steve Urkle in Family Matters), which sells variations on the strain Purple Urkle.

Increasingly, celebrity brands are also focusing on equity. White, for example, wrote on the itsPurpl website that it was challenging to make his “way into an industry not known for diversity or inclusion,” and that the brand is “committed to debunking all stereotypes associated with modern cannabis.” Method Man, who recently expanded distribution of his TICAL cannabis brand to Colorado, puts inclusivity front and center in everything from production to sales.

“I’m particularly excited about TICAL’s focus and leadership in the cannabis space in working with Black, women and minority-owned partners from cultivation to dispensaries,” Method Man told Denver’s Westword. “We are going to lead by example and ensure that this newly created market is as inclusive as possible. We can’t right all the wrongs that disparate criminalization of cannabis has done to our communities, but we most certainly can make a down payment on the way forward with social equity, inclusion and full economic participation.”

Method Man, Lil Wayne, and White are far from the only celebrities with brands to seek out the next time you’re at your favorite dispensary. You can find specific sellers through location searches on WeedMaps, but it all starts with knowing which state these stars sell in.

Where to find celebrity cannabis brands

Dr. Greenthumb from B-Real (of Cypress Hill): California

Mirayo from Carlos Santana: California

Trees by Game from The Game: California

GKUA from Lil Wayne: California, Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma

itsPurpl from Jaleel White: California

Monogram from Jay Z: California

Marley Natural from the Marley family: California

TICAL from Method Man: California, Colorado

Mind Your Head from Mickey Hart (of Grateful Dead): California

Houseplant from Seth Rogan: California

22Red from Shavo Odadjian (of System of a Down): Arizona, California, Nevada

Tommy Chong’s Cannabis: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Washington

Willie’s Reserve from Willie Nelson: California, Colorado, Washington, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada

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