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This Florida City Was Just Named “Most Excellent City in the World” Over Reykjavik

by Eben Diskin Jun 25, 2018

Iceland is at the tip of every traveler’s tongue and is frequently thought to be the number-one destination worth flying to. But, it turns out that the ultimate vacation spot may be a lot closer to home than you’d think. TripAdvisor’s 2018 “‘Most Excellent’ Cities in the World” list revealed Key West, Florida to be the world’s best city, beating out Reykjavik, which came in at number two. Edinburgh, Scotland placed third.

In addition to winning in the “Most Excellent” overall category, Key West also came in first place for “’Most Excellent’ Cities for Restaurants”, and number eight in “’Most Excellent’ Cities for Experiences”. To determine the rankings, TripAdvisor uses a comprehensive algorithm that looks at quality, quantity, and recency of reviews on the site.

In a company press release, TripAdvisor’s vice president Neela Pal said, “When travelers see a Certificate of Excellence sticker or certificate on display, they immediately know that the business has a track record of offering highly rated guest or dinner experiences.” On TripAdvisor’s “Most Excellent” lists, she says the company is “excited to reveal the destinations where travelers are most likely to encounter these excellent businesses.”

Also making the list were Marrakech, Amsterdam, Dublin, Bali, Krakow, Glasgow, and New Orleans. You really can’t go wrong with any of these cities, but Key West’s stunning beaches definitely sounds like an ideal way to spend your holiday.

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