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Get Paid $100,000 to Quit Your Job and Pursue Your Dream

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by Eben Diskin Aug 16, 2019

Pursuing your dream is a wonderful idea, but when you need to put food on the table and pay the rent, dreams often take a backseat. With this Day Job to Dream Job promotion by clothing company prAna, however, it’s easy to take a leap of faith and give your dreams a fair chance — it’ll give you a $100,000 nudge.

Before applying, you should have a concrete idea of what exactly that dream looks like, and be prepared to demonstrate it in a one-to-three minute video submission. “We’re looking for an inspirational and original story, so let your personality shine,” the contest website reads. “When possible, show us your passion in action. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, include an example of your work; if your dream is to be a pastry chef, show us your dishes.”

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of prAna representatives, who will judge entries based on passion, boldness, and originality. If you’re lucky enough to be the winner, you will be asked to quit your day job and share updates of your journey. You can expect to receive the $100,000 in quarterly payments of $25,000.

To enter, simply fill out the entry form by September 16, and provide a link to your video submission. Winners will be notified on October 17.

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