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Get Paid to Travel the World and Design Doggie Outfits

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by Eben Diskin Feb 1, 2019

It’s difficult to travel the world and keep working if your skills are not transferable online. Fashion designers, for example, need tools that don’t easily fit in a carry-on — wandering the world with a sewing machine in tow seems unrealistic. But, these days, just about everything is possible — even becoming a traveling doggie outfit designer.

A CEO, who goes by the name of “Jan,” is looking for someone to travel the world with her, design custom clothing for her to wear, and create matching outfits for her two Pomeranians.

Jan sent an email to garment-production platform Sewport, in which she wrote, “I am a fashion-conscious CEO with a unique sense of style, that I love expressing. […] I’m in need of a personal fashion designer, but I spend almost all my time traveling, whether it’s for work or pleasure. Luckily I can afford the privilege of wearing a bespoke wardrobe, and I love knowing that no one else has clothes like mine, but because I’m away a lot, I need someone to travel with me.”

The chosen designer can expect to work up to 50 hours a week, and find themselves in a variety of locales with different fashion requirements. This may include creating outfits for Jan to attend horse races in Dubai, creating a unique look for Wimbledon in London, as well as outfits for more casual events such as dinners with family and friends. In addition to all-expenses-paid travel, including food and lodging, the designer will be paid a salary of $52,000.

To apply, simply fill out this form explaining why you would like this opportunity, and upload your resume.

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