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Greece Relaxes Rules to Allow Divers to Visit Underwater Archaeological Sites

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by Eben Diskin Jun 3, 2020

Greece is going all out to attract visitors this summer. A few days ago, it was announced that the nation would reopen its borders to travelers from all countries on June 15, and now, it is doing its best to appeal to visiting outdoor enthusiasts by relaxing some rules.

Scuba divers with a passion for history will be happy to know that restrictions have been lifted on diving at archaeological sites and sunken ships older than 50 years old. Divers were previously only allowed to enter archaeological sites while accompanied by qualified archaeological divers, who are hard to come by.

Although there’s no need to look for archaeologist divers to explore those sites, divers must still be accompanied by members of certified dive clubs.

Currently, dive clubs are closed under coronavirus restrictions and still waiting for news as to when they can reopen.

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