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Guinness Storehouse in Dublin Now Open for Behind-the-Scenes Tours

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by Eben Diskin Feb 3, 2020

Guinness is opening a behind-the-scenes tour at its Dublin storehouse, which will allow guests to explore the actual brewery at its founding location. Unlike the ticketed storehouse visit that has long been available — which is more like visiting a museum — this experience will allow you to see the brewing process firsthand and learn all about the history and the future of the iconic brand.

Padraig Fox, Guinness Open Gate Brewery’s general manager, told USA Today, “It’s a real in-depth behind-the-scenes look at both our brewing process but told through the history of the site — you get to see parts of the iconic brewery that even some employees don’t have access to, so it’s really something special.”

The three-hour walking tour will take visitors through the brewing process, stopping at the brewery’s various facilities, like the barley Roast House and the 200-year-old Vat House where Guinness matures for months. You’ll also get to take the underground tunnel to check out Brewhouse 4, the brewery where the “black stuff” is brewed today, and get to peep in the experimental brewery where the future of Guinness lies.

At the end of the tour visitors will be treated to a guided beer and food tasting at Arthur’s Bar in the Guinness Storehouse.

Tickets for the tour are $105 per person.

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