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A Massive Hello Kitty Theme Park Is Coming To Hanoi

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Eben Diskin
May 22, 2019

Hello Kitty mania is bigger than ever. Case in point: a massive new theme park coming to Hanoi, Vietnam. Scheduled to open in 2021, the Hello Kitty theme park will occupy a 323,000-square-foot indoor venue, called Sanrio Hello Kitty World, right beside the city’s West Lake. The park will offer game and ride attractions, a theater, restaurants, shopping, and, of course, lots and lots of Hello Kitty. It will also feature other popular characters, such as My Melody and Pompompurin, to appeal to a wide range of visitors.

“We want to provide experience-oriented programs such as transport safety and cooking to enhance creativity even among relatively older children,” Nguyen Thi Nga, president of property firm BRG, told Insider.

The project was announced in Hanoi on May 19 with no specific date set for the opening. The park will be built by the BRG Group, who will also operate the park while paying Sanrio, a Japanese character business and entertainment firm, royalty fees for the use of its iconic characters.

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