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A New TripAdvisor Reviews Analysis Found the Most Underrated Attraction in Every State

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by Jori Ayers Oct 20, 2023

A destination’s top attractions are the most popular for a reason. Though many are worth seeing for a better understanding of a place’s history and culture, they can still feel underwhelming or overcrowded or both. Enough so that travelers want to seek out somewhere that gives a deeper sense of connection.

In the United States, there are lesser-known spots just about everywhere you look. These may not get the same level of hype, but they are no less worthy of a detour. The Hawai’i vacation publication compiled a list of these spots in each state in what it calls the “Ultimate Hidden Gem Tourist Spot in Every State.”


The publication did this by finding the top-rated attractions with 100 or fewer reviews on Tripadvisor in every state. When filtering out the less relevant categories like tours and classes, it was left with 14,103 attractions that met the criteria. A breakdown of each attraction followed that led to an exact rating that found beloved places that were less visited, not including popular attractions like museums, parks, gardens, etc. It also did the same for major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago to get accurate information on these tourist hot spots.

This led to a list of places to put on your travel itinerary. In New York, for example, there’s the jazz spot Bills Place. Boston has Little Brewster Island and Lighthouse. The Chesnut Hill Skyspace in Philadelphia is an instillation created by a contemporary light artist, and the Victory Garden Theater in Chicago or the Greenbar Distillery in Los Angeles both received less love on TripAdvisor compared with what’s on offer..

Or, if you’re looking for something different, you could visit Hawaii’s Hamakua Chocolate Farm or head out to West Virginia’s New River Gorge for a peaceful and uncrowded visit.

The next time you’re planning a getaway, look a little deeper into all that the place you’re visiting has to offer. That means no only seeing those lesser-visited places listed here, but also checking out things like underrated road trips and underrated UNESCO world heritage sites. Those less crowded spots could possibility turn into your favorite attraction the next time you visit.

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