Photo: Israel Defense Forces/Youtube

US and Israeli Military Bands Surprise 92-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor With Zoom Performance

by Tim Wenger Apr 29, 2020

Abba Naor was treated to a special surprise Zoom call by band members of the Israeli Defense Forces and the US Navy today. On the call, the military musicians performed the Israeli national anthem for the 92-year-old Holocaust survivor, who spent four years in Dachau, a camp liberated exactly 75 years ago on April 29, 1945.

Naor, who at 17 was the youngest prisoner to be liberated from the camp, stands in honor of the anthem as the band begins to play. The video concludes with a salute to Naor from the members of both forces, returned in kind from the former prisoner.

US troops liberated Dachau on April 29, 1975, though Naor says he was not liberated until May 2 of that year after being forced to walk with other prisoners for days with no food or water.

Naor was born in Lithuania but moved to Israel in 1948, fighting in the country’s war for independence and eventually working for Israel’s national intelligence agency, Mossad, according to a report in NBC News.

“Actually, I have to thank you because you saved my life in 1945,” Naor says to the bands after the anthem concludes. “This is a day I will never forget.” April 29 also marks Israel’s Independence Day.

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