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You Can Rent a Hot Tub Boat in Seattle, and It Looks Glorious

Seattle News
by Eben Diskin Aug 12, 2020

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to combine the two greatest leisure activities on the planet into one experience, check out the Hot Tub Boat. True to its name, the Hot Tub Boat is a small boat with a built-in hot tub — or a hot tub with a built-in boat — that can be rented on Lake Union, Washington. The boats are now available for rent on the 580-acre lake in the heart of Seattle, and they’ll change the way you view boating forever.

Each boat can accommodate six people and has an electric motor and onboard diesel heater to keep the water at a steamy 104 degrees. You steer the boat using a joystick, and even though it doesn’t exceed five miles per hour, you still need a valid driver’s licence to operate it.

The boats are pandemic-hygiene-friendly, being drained and cleared thoroughly between each use.

Henry Burgess-Marshall, head of marketing and operations at Hot Tub Boats, told Insider that the boat has already proven incredibly popular, with no bookings remaining for August. “This summer has been wonderfully hectic,” he said. “To have something that’s a little strange, a little quirky really works here in Seattle.”

Currently there are two boats available to rent, but by next summer the goal is to have four rentable boats in total. Rentals currently cost $350 for two hours. If you want to own a Hot Tub Boat yourself, however, it’s certainly a possibility — it’ll just set you back at least $75,000.

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