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Outdoor Influencer Launches a Contest to Create Indoor Adventure Scenes

by Eben Diskin Mar 31, 2020

Visiting the great outdoors during a lockdown might not be impossible, but it’s certainly more complicated. Many parks and trails are closed, and we’re highly discouraged from adventuring too far from home on trails that may attract too many people. As the weather warms, sitting indoors will get tougher and tougher as we crave an outdoor experience. One outdoor Instagram influencer is proposing a solution: indoor adventures. Erin Sullivan is creating the #OurGreatIndoors challenge, inviting followers to craft makeshift adventure scenes using household items.


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Sullivan announced the new series by introducing “Paper Bag Canyon,” a paper bag crafted to look like the inner walls of Antelope Canyon in Arizona, with a little figurine placed inside for scale.

“I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU to create your own indoor adventure, and to share it so we can all come along! Whether it’s a tiny one like this series here, or setting up your tent in your living room, post and tag #OurGreatIndoors and let’s create some inspiration for us all as a community. And if you can’t participate at this time, I invite you to follow along. I’ll share your work on my stories as the hashtag fills up.”

She also shared photos of another makeshift adventure scene, depicting a toy figuring paddling on what looks like a snowy river through an ice cave. In reality, it’s just a bedspread and some sheets.


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A post shared by Erin Sullivan (@erinoutdoors) on

To participate, just tag #OurGreatIndoors and your indoor adventure scene might get shared in her stories.

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