If you can’t be in the movies, you might as well try to recreate them. Thomas Duke attempts to bridge his favorite fictional worlds and reality by visiting popular filming locations, holding up a photograph of the scene, and then taking a picture of the of it all for Instagram. Yes, it’s very meta. The 20-year-old film student has built a thriving Instagram account, of over 35k followers, by paying homage to his favorite movies in this unique way.

He told the BBC that “The idea’s always been in my head. I just love exploring places and linking that with my passion for film […] I always want to visit the scenes that mean the most to me. I can visit the places that I’ve only ever seen on screen.”

Duke celebrates films ranging from Harry Potter, Dunkirk, and Les Miserables, to Love Actually and Wonder Woman. With each post, he includes a caption explaining the story behind the visit. After visiting a beach in Wales and recreating the tragic death of Dobby from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, Duke wrote in his caption, “I remember sitting in the cinema frozen to my seat when Dobby fell to his knees and slowly passed away in Harry’s arms. I hadn’t read the books beforehand so I had no inkling as to what was about to happen…watching a character I’d come to love so, so very much die like this and fade away while talking about his friendship was heartbreaking. The last few words Dobby breathes embody his personality so much and it’s always such a hard scene to watch. Such an innocent little elf who only wanted good for everyone else. Rest in piece Dobby.”

In another post, Duke recreates the ballroom scene from The Dark Knight Rises, holding up a photo of Bruce Wayne dancing with Catwoman. The scene was filmed in the Crush Hall in Senate House in London, and Duke writes, “The architecture was beautiful but the bright lights were a pain!”

Duke has visited over 150 filming locations, and chances are he’s stepped inside one of your favorite films. Check out his Instagram account to see more of his work.

H/T: BBC News

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