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The International Center of Photography Wants to See Your Pandemic Photos

by Eben Diskin Apr 1, 2020

The International Center of Photography (ICP) is compiling photographs of the pandemic, and wants to source those images from people around the world. The idea behind the project is to connect everyone’s separate pandemic experiences, and create archives of this era for future generations. So far, selected images have included a nearly empty subway car, deserted streets, people social distancing in the metro, a young child in self-isolation looking out the window of her home, and more.

As reported by The New York Times, Mark Lubell, the executive director of the ICP, noted that since the virus has caused an atmosphere of absence, photographing in a time of a pandemic can be difficult. “How do you photograph something that is not photographable?” Lubell asked. He continues to explain that the submissions received have mostly focused on relationship and connection. “We’re photographing what we’re missing,” he said. “It’s really a humanitarian response.”

So far, the ICP has received nearly 3,500 submissions via Instagram, all of them reviewed by a team of curators. Between three and six images per day will be posted on the official ICP Instagram account. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, you’re encouraged to share your images using the #ICPConcerned hashtag on Instagram or via email at

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