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This Island Nation Has the Cleanest Water in Europe

Cyprus News
by Olivia Harden Jun 17, 2021

Your Mediterranean vacation is going to get even better. Not only is it hot and beautiful, but its waters are top-notch.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) recently published a report that analyzed European bathing water quality in 2020. After testing between May 1 and October 31, 2020, Cyprus received a 100 percent rating — a perfect score at all 112 swimming spots around the island.

The island nation beat out plenty of popular tourist spots, including Austria with 97.7 percent, Greece with 97.1 percent, Malta with 96.6 percent, and Croatia with 96.1 percent. Note that Greece, Malta, and Croatia are also open to US travelers who are keen to bathe in their sumptuous waters.

This news will undoubtedly boost the Cyprus tourist sector, which makes up 13 percent of its gross domestic product but suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic after tourist arrivals took an 84 percent plunge from a record-setting year in 2019, according to the Associated Press.

The EEA report credits the improvement of European waters over the last 40 years to reduced pollution thanks to environmental laws and the EU’s Bathing Water Directive. Only 296 of the 22,276 bathing sites tested in the 27 European countries (plus Albania, Switzerland, and the UK), ranked “poor.”

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