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Even After Fyre, Ja Rule Is Determined to Launch Another Music Festival

by Eben Diskin Jun 5, 2019

It appears as though Ja Rule hasn’t learned his lesson from Fyre Festival. The “luxury music festival” turned out to be a complete sham and landed Billy McFarland, co-founder of the festival, in jail. Documentaries have been released about the incident, and though Ja Rule was never charged with any wrongdoing, knowledge of his role in the debacle is pretty widespread. Still, he seems determined to make a music festival happen.

On the Breakfast Club this morning, the rapper revealed that he “wanted to do an amazing fucking festival, and I believe Billy did too. It just didn’t manifest in that way.” Despite the failure, however, he says investors have been reaching out to him offering to help him execute a festival correctly. When asked if he would actually follow through on planning another festival, his response was, “Fuck yeah, and I’m going to kill it!”

He certainly didn’t take the Fyre Festival disappointment lightly or find it humorous (as many have). “It’s heartbreaking to me,” he told paparazzi at LAX. “It was something that I really, really wanted to be special and amazing and it just didn’t turn out that way. But, you know, in the midst of chaos there’s opportunity. So I’m working on a lot of new things. I got my new platform Iconn.”

He went on to say that “[Fyre Fest] is the most iconic festival that never was, so I have plans to create the Iconnic music fest. But you ain’t hear it from me”.

Hopefully, his next festival endeavor turns out better than the last one.

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