The World's Most Instagrammable Music Festivals

Music + Nightlife Maps + Infographics
by Ana Bulnes Aug 15, 2017

How did we show people we were at a music festival before Instagram? Ah, well, Facebook. And before that? As far as my memory goes, we just took pictures with our analogic cameras, developed them, and stick it on the walls of our room, hoping visitors would notice them. We could also buy the festival’s official t-shirt. Or call our best friends who couldn’t make it in the middle of their favorite song as a way of saying I wish you were here (sound was so bad our friend had no idea what they were listening to, but an explanatory text later used to deliver the message).

Now we just post a picture on Instagram and let everyone know, not just our closest friends or those people we invite back to our room, we’re there. But some festivals are more Instagrammable than others. These amazing maps by Accessorize show the world’s most Instagrammable festivals. Travel there, enjoy the festivals and post away on Instagram, but call your best friends too. They’ll be happy to know you were thinking about them.

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