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Congress Has Passed a Bill Funding Latino and Women’s History Museums

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by Eben Diskin Dec 22, 2020

A government funding bill passed Monday is dedicating a significant sum to establishing a National Museum of the American Latino and American Women’s History Museum, as part of the Smithsonian Institution.

In a statement Monday, Rep. Carolyn Maloney who championed the women’s history museum in the House, said, “Building a Smithsonian Women’s History Museum, a testament to the women who helped build and shape this nation, has been years in the making and I am thrilled that we are finally set to pass this historic legislation.”

Senator Bob Menendez echoed Maloney’s enthusiasm. “This is a big win for Latinos all across our country,” he said. “We will finally have a Latino Museum that elevates our stories and history.”

The House had previously passed the bill earlier this month, but it was initially blocked on the Senate floor by Sen Mike Lee, who argued the two museums should be folded into the current Smithsonian properties. After further deliberation and negotiations, the museums made it into the final version of the bill as standalone institutions.

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