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Lockdowns Are Fueling Wanderlust, Not Fear, According to Matador Network Survey

by Eben Diskin May 14, 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic, it would be easy to become overwhelmed by a sense of fear that would dampen our desire to venture out and explore foreign lands or even our own country. But luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Matador Network conducted a survey of 2,179 individuals around the world to determine the current attitude toward travel, and the results reveal valuable insights on the future of the industry.

When asked what aspect of travel people missed most, the answers were both enlightening and refreshing. Across all age groups and infection-risk levels, respondents proved that the crisis hasn’t diminished our wanderlust.

“(I miss) seeing new places. My world has become very small since the virus started. I look forward to something new and different.” –50+ traveler, living in the US Midwest, self-identified as being at elevated risk from COVID-19

“The sense of freedom and adventure that comes with going to a new place, meeting new people and learning about foreign cultures.” –26-34 traveler, living on the US East Coast

“I miss planning and anticipating trips as something to look forward to in the year.” –35-49 traveler, living on the US East Coast

For some, the pandemic has been a wake-up call to stop postponing travel plans, and inspired them to waste no time once travel bans are lifted. Others are hopeful that the crisis will facilitate a change in the way people conduct themselves while traveling.

“I wasted time making any serious plans to travel. I believe that I would start my plans to be a world drifter in 2020. Then coronavirus happened and now I have been sitting in quarantine wondering why I wasted so much time. Why I didn’t just get out there and go. Once the dust has settled I don’t plan on dilly dallying.” –26-34 traveler, living outside of North America

“I would like to see a substantial shift in the habits of travelers, the way tourism companies operate, and the way travel influencers promote destinations.” –26-34 traveler, living on the US East Coast

For more of the study’s findings, check out the insight report in full.

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